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Coombe Abbey Videographer - Kimmy and Dan

Updated: May 14

2023, as a wedding videographer will forever be seared into my memory as the year with all the back-up plans. Why? RAIN. It rained and it rained and it rained and it nearly rained, then rained and then it rained some more. So when I first talked with Kimmy and Dan about their wedding plans at Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire, I was worried. They had the most amazing day planned, 90% of it outdoors, making full use of the incredible fairytale grounds of the Abbey with lots of punting planned!

Coombe Abbey Videographer

And as the day crept closer, the forecast was rain. All the rain. Luckily, Kimmy and Dan were brilliantly flexi with their plans, as were Coombe Abbey and a solid set of back-up plans were put in place.

Coombe Abbey Videographer

On the day, of course it rained! But it didn't dampen plans or spirits, Kimmy and Dan's indoor ceremony was just perfect and the incredible floral installations that were intended for outdoors made the ceremony space look and feel like something out of a fairytale.

Coombe Abbey Videographer

Kimmy and Dan planned their day with their family at the heart of their plans, with Kimmy's extended Norwegian family in attendance and the inclusion of their children in so many aspects. And the questions on everyone's lips... did they manage to get out on the punt? Yes!

Coombe Abbey Videographer

As a Coombe Abbey videographer, my top three moments of the film: Dan's face when he saw Kimmy at the top of the aisle - ain't gonna lie, it makes my bottom lip go every time I see it! Kimmy's bridal prep - the light in that room is something else, we got some really beautiful footage in there. Lastly, the punting! A really nice addition to the day, lots of fun.

Coombe Abbey Videographer

Videography and blog images @tobywhiteweddingfilms

Punting Abbey Punts

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